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Praying Mantis Kung Fu Cane

Tai Ji Praying Mantis Cane is definitely one of those forms designed for an able bodied Kung Fu Expert. This form is fast, aggressive, and really shows how dangerous a cane can be in the hands of a expert fighter.

This form has about fifty moves and includes a good variety of hooking, locking, and throwing techniques. It has many fast long range strikes, quick parries and agile footwork including hops, skips, shuffle steps, leaps and a number of kicks.

Cane and Saber

Although there are some cross over moves that could be performed with a sword and some that could be performed with a saber there are many that are cane and or stick specific. One of the chief differences between cane and sword and saber is that cane has no edge. You cannot cut with a cane. With a cane you hook, strike, and poke. The strikes are the same as you would use with stick. With accuracy and speed these strikes and pokes can be very dangerous.

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